Network assessments are checkups to assess the health of your IT structure. Here are five reasons network assessments are necessary for your business.

After a certain number of miles, your car is scheduled for a checkup. This ensures that you catch potential problems ahead of time that can possibly leave you stranded on the side of the road. It also makes sure your car is running at its optimal performance. The same can be said for a network.

Network assessments are essentially checkups to assess the health of your IT infrastructure. They are crucial for best performance and when left unchecked, can lead to possible unintended mishaps.

Network assessments provide a comprehensive understanding of the existing environment, including insights into new technologies that may optimize employees’ performance as well as recommendations on improvements such as network consolidation, simplification, or automation. Additionally, a network assessment can provide long-term goals for network growth and provide alignment of technical solutions that have been implemented to patch trouble areas but might not have advanced the long-range goals.

Here are five reasons why Network Assessments are necessary and why organizations should make them a priority:

1. Security – Protecting your network is always at the top of the list; but it is hard to defend against cyberattacks without knowing the inner workings of a network infrastructure. Covid-19 has led to many employees working from home, and being able to view user behaviors and interactions can help spot vulnerabilities that can be addressed and possibly stop an attack before it happens.

2.Get a good look inside – An in-depth look of the current state of an IT infrastructure can help ensure management and IT professionals are making informed decisions about network maintenance and upgrades. When accurate evaluations of current infrastructure assets are available, crucial decisions can be made to improve survivability of optimal systems, and phase out those that are not up to par.

3. Helps create a road map for your IT systems – Being able to have a detailed view of a network allows IT professionals to create a road map that can lead to modernization and a virtualized infrastructure.

4. Potential cost savings – Every organization has a budget they have to adhere to. Whenever there can be a cost savings benefit, everyone is happy! A network assessment opens the door to implementing new tools, such as cloud computing, which can provide tremendous savings.

5. Improve protocols – Assessments can expose vulnerabilities in your current operations, which can lead to protocol improvements. Doing a deep-dive into how users view and access data on a network can help prevent data breaches and ensure the organization remains in compliance.

AaSys sees great value in performing network assessments, gaining basic knowledge of how a network infrastructure is put together, and identifying critical systems. If you need assistance with a network assessment or would like more information on how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to your AaSys Account Executive today!