Founded in 1992, The AaSys Group specializes in the design and installation of IT networks for our clients complemented by the appropriate network support.  Since our inception, our focus has always been to instill confidence in our clients, enabling them to concentrate on running their business.

Our engineers have earned our clients’ trust by continuously delivering secure and efficient network systems, always meeting regulatory guidelines, and providing reliable and responsive support. The breadth of our expertise has allowed organizations with limited technical support to utilize our network engineering staff as a valuable technical resource.

Over time, our clients have learned the value of outsourcing technical support to an industry leader through the realized cost savings, the peace of mind we provide, and the reduced Total Cost of Technology Ownership.

Specialists in Financial Services Consulting

In 2001, our Financial Operations division was launched to service our largest vertical market, financial institutions.  As a result, our team of Financial Operations specialists helps financial institutions optimize their organization’s efficiency, manage the evaluation and selection process of core and ancillary vendors, and negotiate lucrative service agreements.

As privacy, security, and the evaluation of risk became more critical, AaSys continued its evolution by introducing an information security division.   The division was then spun off to form Focus Audits. Focus Audits, a sister company to AaSy today, includes not only the information security practice but also a full fledged audit function with compliance, internal audit, and risk management support.

Focus Audits has quickly become one of the leading audit firms supporting community banks and credit unions in the following areas of:

  • Information Security Management
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessments
  • Training and Advisory

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