The blending of multiple organizations can be a very precarious endeavor with a lasting impact to the remaining entity, not to mention your staff and your customers.   With your staffing resources stretched thin, how do you effectively manage a large multi-faceted project and combine cultures while preserving and growing your customer base?

As independent third-party operational professionals, AaSys will help you meet your organization’s goals.  Whether you are building an operations department comprised of the best aspects from all organizations, or merging one institution into another, AaSys will help you objectively evaluate your options and implement them efficiently and professionally.

During the discovery process, AaSys can provide valuable non-biased insight when evaluating staff, processes and technology solutions.  AaSys will help you develop a game plan by identifying processes and systems to enhance the melding of the organizations.

AaSys will work with your vendors to assist and manage the merger and conversion of the organizations.  We will also ensure that system overlaps are addressed and contracts are merged and or terminated successfully.  We work as your advocate, with your financial institution’s interests as our primary concern.

Our expertise with all major core vendor solutions, as well as our hands on experience, will ensure the success of your merger project.