Forming the framework for your new financial institution’s operational processes requires many critical decisions.  The core and ancillary products you select will have a lasting impact on your staff and your customer base.  Therefore, it is crucial that your systems work well together from the start or else your new institution’s reputation could be at risk.

As an objective vendor-neutral resource, AaSys provides an in-depth comparison of the features and benefits of all major core vendors and ancillary application solutions. We work for you with the end goal of ensuring that you select the best option for your institution – on day one and for years to come.

We will negotiate your contracts to ensure your new institution is getting all of the services needed at the best price possible, while meeting all regulatory requirements for operations.

Our financial operations solutions team augments your staff, provides project management support to guide you through the evaluation and analysis, and provides hands-on support to ensure everything is in place on opening day.

We will act as your advocate and manage the process to ensure important tasks don’t fall through the cracks.   We support all operations activities that must be LIVE by your opening date.  Our expertise keeps you and vendors on track in meeting your deadlines.

Form your De novo with confidence. Contact us today.