Satisfied with your current core and ancillary systems and want to renew their contracts?  Allow the AaSys Group to assist with our streamlined contract renewal process.

Our contract renegotiation process was designed to take your financial institution through the renewal process in a similar fashion to a full vendor evaluation – in phases.

Phase I: Discovery

We analyze what products or services you have, how you use them, and identify any challenges your team is experiencing and any potential new products your team may wish to implement during the term of the next contract.

Phase II: Vendor Presentations, Evaluations and Selection

Starting with our business process review, we guide your team through vendor presentations for existing and new products. We require the vendor to address issues and challenges identified in Phase I and provide product pricing for all existing and potential new products that your institution may want to implement during the next term of your contract.

Using our proprietary financial modeling tools, we will analyze your current contract costs by comparing them to the proposal provided by your vendor(s), and extrapolating this information over a five-year time frame based on your institution’s growth projections. We will review and discuss all opportunities for streamlining processes by enhancing and/or adding services to better meet your current and future needs.

Phase III: Contract Negotiation

We put our extensive knowledge and years of experience dealing with the various core and ancillary vendors to work for you.  Our understanding of the pricing structures based on a “package” of products enables us to negotiate your contract to ensure you are getting all required products and services at the best pricing for the next contract term.

After the new contract is in place, we will review your new invoices to ensure all pricing is being honored.

Allow The AaSys Group to take the stress out of the contract renewal process. Contact us today.