printerSecurity is at the top of the list for many companies. It has been reported that the annual cost for a company to resolve cyber-crime is $7.7 million on average.  Desktops, smart phones and tablets are not the only devices that can be infiltrated by cybercriminals. Printers are also prone to malicious attacks and are often over looked.

As printers and imaging devices become more sophisticated they also become more vulnerable to attacks that can compromise the networks. We think of printers as just a device that prints our work on paper, however, just like many smart devices, printers also store information such as previous print jobs. If a hacker is able to infiltrate the printer those previous print jobs which could contain sensitive information can be exposed.

Many of today’s printers, both wireless and non-wireless, can connect directly to the Internet. They also offer administration and remote control via a websites, but if not properly secured, an unauthorized person could seize control of the printer from a remote location.  Here are some tips that can help keep your printer safe:

  • Keep your printers’ software up to date.
  • If the printer can be accessed wirelessly, ensure that the Wi-Fi network is protected.
  • Set permissions on your network printers to control who can and can’t send and manage print jobs.
  • If you do choose to store print jobs on the drive, ensure that it is encrypted with strong encryption methods.