Memail-securitycAfee has decided to end their email security line and instead focus their efforts on other critical security solutions. In light of this, McAfee has recommended their existing customers move to a trusted strategic partner called Proofpoint and AaSys fully agrees.

Proofpoint was founded in 2002 and has been a leader in the industry ever since. Proofpoint offers data protection solutions and has been a pioneer in superior email security applications. They have received numerous awards including the Excellence Award for Best Customer Service at the 2015 SC Magazine Awards, the 2014 Redmond Reader’s Choice Award and have also been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways” report for seven years. Proofpoint has a large clientele that includes over 3,000 global enterprises, universities and government agencies, as well as all five of the nation’s largest banks. In addition, more than half of Fortune 100 companies depend on Proofpoint’s expertise for their email security needs.

Proofpoint offers a variety of packages to help with the following issues customers face today:

  • Keeping out malicious content s through email filtering
  • Preventing the theft or inadvertent loss of sensitive information through email encryption
  • Collecting, securely retaining, governing and discovering sensitive data for compliance and litigation support through email archiving
  • Securely communicating and collaborating on sensitive data with customers, partners and suppliers.

E-mail attacks are one of the main threats facing most organizations today by cyber criminals and AaSys believes Proofpoint will provide existing McAfee customers with industry-leading email protection solutions. Proofpoint knows how to make the transition to their email protection solutions easy, fast, and seamless. As a Proofpoint partner, we highly recommend our customers make the switch, not only because of Proofpoint’s leading technology, but also because of their commitment to ensure customers are always protected.

AaSys has spent the last four months testing and evaluating various solutions. As the field of possible alternatives narrowed, our emphasis was on selecting a solution that:

  1. Functioned in the same manner that your employees had become accustomed to
  2. Provided the highest level of security to our clients
  3. Landed with the same price point as the McAfee solution

We are happy to announce that all three goals have been met with Proofpoint’s Email Security Solution.

Your AaSys Account Manager can share Proofpoint’s vendor management initiatives as you conduct your due diligence. To learn more about transitioning from McAfee to Proofpoint, please contact your Account Manager today.