Forming the framework for your financial institution’s operational processes is one of your most critical decisions.  Moreover, these decisions will have a lasting impact.  AaSys augments your staff, providing de novo banking expertise, project management guidance, and hands-on support. 

  1. A hallmark of our services is our in-depth knowledge of features and benefits of all major core vendors.
  1. AaSys’ financial modeling tools allow us to capture highly accurate anticipated data processing costs, based upon your organization’s business plan and growth plans.  Being able to pinpoint each billing item is the foundation for optimum vendor contract negotiations.
  1. AaSys’ experience in contract negotiations focuses on more than just winning substantial savings for our clients.  AaSys also ensures that contracts meet regulatory requirements.  
  1. During the de novo process, AaSys acts as your advocate.  Our Master Task List ensures important tasks don’t fall through the cracks!
  1. AaSys is vendor-neutral.   Whether it’s playing devil’s advocate or providing additional insights to you, our only agenda is that you make the best choices and decisions for your organization. 

AaSys supports all operational activities that must be “live” by opening.   We offer strategic experience in bringing everything together which is especially critical for organizations fast-tracking their opening.  Our expertise keeps you on track in meeting your deadlines. 

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